5 throwaways picked from the rubbish by shocked tourists

the kittens are camera-shy

the kittens are camera-shy

Those 5 little kittens were foundĀ  in one of the parkings in Parikia.

A young couple from Athens found them near to the rubbish bin, left their to die by dehydration by some despicable person. Would they have know the stress that they were going to experiment on Paros, they might have preferred to choose another destination for their holidays. Anyway Paros will remain forever for them the rude place where unwanted new born kittens are thrown away in the rubbish.

For those cases PAWS cannot do much; it wouldn’t be possible to rescue all those hundreds of lifes that come to this world by mistake. Only effective spay/neuter at least in every neighborhood were cats are being fed might bring back to tolerable levels the overpopulation of cats.

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