Bad neighbor

L.K.’s neighbor (in the outskirts of Parikia on the way to Lefkes) is apparently a “killer”, one of those revolting “persons” who would regularly poison his neighborhood’s dogs in a so called attempt to protect his chicken, which otherwise he keeps unfenced with no consideration to the strict directives for the protection against avian flu. Many people in the neighborhood know that he is responsible for the odious death of several dogs. He now openly threatens L.K. to kill his dog! L.K. carried a complaint at the Parikia police station, then contacted us, fearing that the Police was going to dump the case.

Answer (by Nicolas):
I told LK that we will follow-up with the police to make sure that the unlawful neighbor is properly inquired and that everything is recorded in the police archives.

The board of administration has decided on its last meeting to proceed to a series of visits to the head of all services directly or indirectly related to animal welfare. The aim of those visits is primarily to inform each of those services that PAWS will be expecting from them to fulfill their duties with assiduity whenever animal welfare issues are concerned. The concerned services are the following: Police, Municipality, Port Police, Hygiene service of the Prefecture and both the state and the private veterinaries.

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