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My name’s Negro and, well, let’s just say that my life hasn’t been easy! My owner was a real wacko, sort of a delinquent you might say…he wasn’t very nice-especially to me. Anyway things got better when he took off (to jail!) but since then I’ve been kinda wanderin’ around the streets of Paroikia relying on the kindness of strangers. Guess I was sort of a bad boy,too, until one really sweet lady took me to the doggie doctor. I admit that it’s strange now being without certain parts of my, you know…masculinity, but I’ve sure calmed down! I’m actually pretty good company now!

Oh, I forgot, I have to take pills now, too. They just put them in my food.

So, hey! If there’s someone out there who believes that beauty is only skin deep, maybe you could help me out. I’m not askin’ for much…just three square meals a day, and, well…a little love wouldn’t be so bad!

(as understood & interpreted by Denise Marinucci)

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