Krotophobia – Fear of Gunshot Noise

A Hunting Dog is needed for hunting game. We have asked ourselves many times what kind of game can really be hunted on this island. Nevertheless, many locals are passionate hunters, must be some genes left over┬ásince the cradle of mankind. Hunting Dogs are being kept, bred, sold in large numbers here. Many unwanted Hunting dogs are being produced as a consequence… Leon was supposed to become a fine Hunting Dog. When it was clear he had Krotophopia, he was locked in his little cage and a new puppy came. Leon barked, howled, cried for months, the neighbours suffered. They felt sorry for the poor animal, could not sleep at night. Finally the owner agreed to give the dog to BarBigs for rehoming. He needs to be socialized with other dogs, as his stay in solitary confinement has made him a bit ‘sudden’ towards other dogs that crowd him. He is a beautiful dog and we hope he can find a home soon.

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