More puppies left next to garbage

Last night two young and frightened puppies were left near a garbage disposal bin close to Asclipios. They were lucky – before they were hit by a passing car somebody picked them and contacted PAWS. Shortly after, they were picked up and taken care of by BB. They were in a terrible state and covered by hundreds of ticks. One wonders what their (most certainly privately owned) mother looks like?

grosenanderung-a-new-pups-16062007-00-22-54.JPG grosenanderung-a-new-pups-16062007-00-21-43.JPG grosenanderung-a-new-pups-16062007-00-22-24.JPG grosenanderung-a-new-pups-16062007-00-22-12.JPG

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  1. Matevz says:

    Me and friend Aleks were drivnig from Alyki and we saw them on the street very tired. Because the car would hit them, we took them and look for Barbara. Thanks Barbara

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