Mogli and Ronja

mogli-ronja-22052008-16-36-03.jpg mogli-ronja-22052008-15-39-35.jpg mogli-ronja-22052008-15-52-37.jpg 

Try to imagine a remote area. A riverbed, a valley off the main road in Marathi, a dirt road, not many cars driving by. Two small puppies were abandonned there months ago (read Paros Life, Animal Talk, May issue!). A kind Greek man drives by once a day and feeds them every day for months on bread (!)… They are about 6 months old now, Barbara and Biggie heard about them recently and went to find them today. They were too shy and had to be given a tranquilizer. They are now at BarBigs and we hope that they will adjust to their new lifes soon! 

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