An incredible story


February 22nd, Christina, a notorious animal lover from Naussa (A lot of Pepper… you know what I mean?) brought a stray female dog to BarBigs, supposedly pregnant. It turned out she was still on heat. Barbara was in Germany at the time for a seminar and never saw the dog, because before she returned, the female was lost when Biggie was walking the group and Sony never came back afterwards. Biggie was upset for weeks and worrying about Sony. When Barbara picked up the female with the google eye two months later (see below, ‘the nuns do not want her’), she had no idea, that this was the same dog, lost 2 months ago and found just around the corner, because Biggie happened to be in Germay over Easter…

As it turned out, Sony was happy to be back at BarBigs (please: where has she been during all those weeks???), but not happy enough to stay all day. We wanted her here all day to treat her eye, but we suspected that there might be puppies somewhere and left her to move about freely. So today, Barbara went after her and found her little ones inside the walls of the Nunnery. And now, Sony the mother, the deserted babies, the nuns and we all are happy.

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