April is still young…. But nevertheless!

This nice male (55cm, below left) was found near Koliopulos on the main road, obviously lost & waiting in the same place during several hours for someone to pick him up.  
bruno-05042008-14-36-41.jpg ali-13042008-14-12-19.jpg

The little White&black male (45cm, above right) was found by an animal lover on the Periferiakos in Parikia. We suspect he was just after some female on heat and belongs somewhere. Has anyone seen him before?

The black male Hunting Dog (50cm, below left) was found injured near Hotel Argo by a tourist. The injury is not very recent, and must have been quite bad. He is slowly starting to put some weight on his foot.
feo-13042008-14-09-17.jpg tessa-13042008-14-05-17.jpg fidel-13042008-14-06-27.jpg

The little female of about 7 months (now 40cm, above middle) was thrown on the balcony of an animal lover near Naoussa. Her own ferocious Jack Russel was not willing to accept a new companion.

The large puppy (5-6 months, now 45cm, above right) was hiding behing a garbage container not far from Tao’s center in Ambelas. They are all staying at Barbigs at the moment.

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