More Garbage

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When Barbara went to throw some garbage near her house in the disposal in front of the church of Agios Arsenios, she found 7 puppies cuddling up behind the containers. They are about 4 weeks old and just old enough to eat solid food. Barbara and Biggie are considering to RESIGN or going on STRIKE as they are overwhelmed with the number of puppies and dogs they are currently taking care of. This workload is too much for the 2 of them.

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  1. scruffy says:

    This can’t be for real !!! It looks like a scene from a horror movie !!! My God, aren’t the local inhabitants of the island aware that neutering/spaying their dogs is the only way of not having unwanted puppies? Can’t some money be spent by PAWS on a drastic campaign with Posters all over town and Inserts in local greek newspapers advising these people? ; can’t a deal be made with the Municipality Vet for a cheap neutering plan co-sponsored by PAWS? Funds could be raised by collecting 5 euros from all the inhabitans through their water or electricity bills; the Mayor of Paros could arrange it as a local tax to be collected as “Municipality/Cleaning Tax”; I don’t know…there must be a way to stop this cruelty, for Christ sake !!!! to think that it is only the beginning of the season……puppies will be growing like mushrooms from now on…..who is going to take care of all these little unwanted creatures? Barbara and Biggie I think have done MORE than their share…….somebody else should stand up and offer a helping hand. Have a heart !!!!

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