parking-cemetery.jpg Barbigs were called to the Parking near the Cemetery in Parikia last night, to collect an injured dog. They were shocked to find a sweet little female that had been hit by a car days earlier. Had nobody noticed anything, nobody seen her earlier, had somebody just left her near the Vet to have her euthanized? How can it be that nobody saw this dog and called earlier, when it could have been possible to save her with some luck?? Her wounds looked horrible, maggots crawling out. It was not possible to do anything for her at this stage and the poor thing died this morning.

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  1. chris@euro-tran.co.uk says:

    I cant beleive anyone could be so cruel as to walk past this injured
    dog let alone the person that knocked the dog down in the first place I know it will have an accident but you dont need to leave the animal to die…. in agony…………….

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