Make a Deal?

sotpups1.jpg sotpup-m2.jpg 5 unwanted puppies arrived at BarBigs today. The deal: the puppies were accepted here under the condition that their mother will be neutered before her next pregnancy. We need to start changing things around here, otherwise this madness with the unwanted and often abandonned puppies will never end. Readers are invited to contribute generously to the neutering programme and the rehoming programme.

2 Responses to “Make a Deal?”

  1. says:

    When is it going to end I cant beleive how many puppies and dogs you
    have had in the last few months……. I look every day on your web site
    to see how you are and just cant not believe the amount newcomers you have had how on earth do you cope. We will see you soon I hope.

    Chris & Dave

  2. scruffy says:

    ……I agree with Chris & Dave….how on earth do you manage to cope with all this heavy load all alone……cannot believe there is nobody else who can offer a helping hand, even if temporarily. I don’t think it is fair.

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