Bathroom Blues

While other people soak in a foam bath in a spic and span bathroom, (jealous!!!) Barbara is using hers as a nursery for baby kittens to protect them from the dogs, intensive care unit for sick puppies etc. – and is dreaming of the foam bath in the meantime.

4 Responses to “Bathroom Blues”

  1. […] her intervention. As no other solution could be found with PAWS, Barbara felt obliged to take the sick cat in. After being treated with Antibiotics for 5 days and refusing all food, he finally started eating […]

  2. scruffy says:

    I believe Barbigs deserve to have not only a foamy, relaxing bubble bath but a nice and expensive Jacouzi offered to them by Paws and all the irresponsible inhabitants of the island that put all their “own” responsibilities on Barbigs shoulders, by dumping puppies and kittens.

  3. waxmpf says:

    See the puppy in the washing-machine? It´s Plisch. We adopted him in February 08 and we really love him. He´s a smart, friendly and big hearted little dog and we´re very happy that we´ve found him.
    His front leg is getting much better now and doesn´t disturb him at all.
    Plisch really is everybody´s darling and very charming.

  4. […] picked them up and they were brought to Barbara. 4 of them are fine, the 5th is staying in Barbaras bathroom / cat hospital together with the little blind […]

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