2:2 Isterni-Ambelas

The teams from Isterni and Ambelas came up with an even score. Both deposited 2 puppies near the garbage bin and not far from the main road. The puppies near Isterni were first seen yesterday and had to spend the night out, the poor little things. Both pairs of pups were reported and taken to Barbara’s today. Both pairs are still quite young – around 4 weeks. Let’s wish them all the best! And their former ‘owners’ understanding, insight and money to sterilize their female dogs.
0-isterni1.jpg 0-isterni-2.jpg
0-ambelas-2.jpg 0-ambelas-1.jpg
The outcome

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  1. chris@euro-tran.co.uk says:

    For the peopple who can not afford to have there animals treated, Maybe it would be a good idea for the authorities on the Island to give
    free (or subsidised) treatment to sterilize or castrate the animals.
    It has to be better for the island in the long run.

    Merry Christmas

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