Uncivilized Behaviour


I can only call this uncivilized behaviour. Some time yesterday morning (if not before…) someone must have tied this black female dog to this electricity pole, the same string used for the neck and the tying bit. The neck hairless, from the tight string or collar that she might have worn. Sagging teats from having pups recently or innumerable times. I saw her by coincidence (!!?) when I drove by in the late morning. The dog was afraid and therefore seemed aggressive. I could not find a solution for her immediately and she had to spend the night there, unfortunately. Today, PAWS committee member NS and his wife P were able to take her in for one day. At the moment she is staying with CB, but she is looking for a place where she can spend the rest of the winter.

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  1. chris@euro-tran.co.uk says:

    Thank goodness there are some nick and kind people on the island of Paros. To all the people of Paws I wish you a very happy christmas
    and a happy new year. xxx

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