101 Dalmatian Mixes

0-dalmi-1.jpg 0-dalmi2.jpg Fortunately, there were only 2 of them so far. The first one was sighted about 2 weeks ago near Salon de Beaute, but it was shy and Barbara could not find it. Then, on Nov 22, there was a phone call and Barbara had to pick up a dog near Hotel Aegean that had been hit by a car. The dog turned out to be a very large pup and was badly injured on her hind leg and her spine. She must have had some internal injuries as well, because she died the same night. Today, Barbara saw and collected a second one, same characteristics but male, near Agios Arsenios and took him to her place. He had been hiding in the bushes, obviously lost and alone. The Vet agrees that there is no doubt that the 2 are from the same litter. Age (about 5-6 months), extraordinary size and weight for the age, colouring. Who knows a possible mother of this litter?? The first pictuer shows the unfortunate female, picture two the lucky male.

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