Tough Luck

0-luckybig.jpg When Biggie carried Bicycle Dog out to spray him with Flea Repellent, she stumbeld and fell, broke a little bone in her foot. One day before her departure to Germany and her well-earned holidays. Here she is at the Vet’s getting Luckypups first vaccination.

2 Responses to “Tough Luck”

  1. Martina says:

    Argh…. Shit! Poor girl, she worked so hard and was so valuable for the animals. I wish Biggi all the best and gute Besserung!

  2. scruffy says:

    well….I believe that everything happens for a reasons….and the reason here is that Biggie is still needed in Paros, at least for a little longer yet…her well deserved holiday is yet to come…and hope very soon……Hi Biggie, keep up the good work…..

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