Bicycle Dog – Walking Handbag

0-podilato.jpg 0-podilato-1.jpg  This young male dog was very lucky when on Sunday afternoon a cyclist coming all the way from Isterni found him near Voutakos lying and barking just off the road. He had been injured and was grotesquely limping, practically paralized. The man carried him with his bicycle to Aliki and fed him with Spaghetti. It seems like a coincidence -but can this really be called a coincidence? – that Barbara and Biggie happened to be right there, once and only then this year, and took the little dog home. It looks like his injury to the spine is not so serious and that he will be fine in a week or so. Let’s hope for the best! In the mean time he can go for a small round, hind legs supported like a handbag. So should we call him Podilato or Gucci?

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  1. scruffy says:

    I would opt for Gucci…….lucky guy !!!!!

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