Little Lucky

0-dsc00564.jpg 0-hpim4737.jpg 0-dsc00566.jpg Lucky is a fortunately not so unfortunate little puppy so far. Somebody tied her up in a plastic bag and threw her in the garbage bin some time on Thursday. Thursday night around 10 p.m. two tourists from GB found her and took her out of the bag and laid her next to the garbage, according to them. Today (Saturday), when they passed by the same garbage bin, the puppy was still there and still alive. Seems incredible. And if it is true, she owes her life mainly to the fact that the temperature was moderate all day yesterday and today. She arrived at BarBigs around noon and has been drinking from the bottle. More news to come. See the other dogs greeting her (nice little snack?) in photo 1 when she came home…

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