Big Job in Naoussa

0-calypso1.jpg 0-hpim4703.jpg  We got a phone call by a German woman currently staying at Hotel Calypso in Naoussa (Kirsten is holding the beige male in the second photo). She informed us that there was a female without a collar around the beach who was on heat and who was being followed for 48 hours now by several large males who were fighting among themselves. Hotel guests could not sleep at night and families were afraid for their children in the day time on the beach. We went to look for her/them and spent a large part of the afternoon there, trying to catch the shy female, without success. We had tied up most of the males (is it a surprise, that one of the large males we had met only recently was here again today?) We did take the only male without a collar home with us, because he has a deep wound on his leg. With the female, we were not successful the first time and came back later in the afternoon, after taking care of the animals at home. Our friends from Germany, Claudia and Uli, helped. It is a strange situation: you want to catch a shy dog, but you are afraid it will bite you. Your hand wants to grab the dog but then again it hesitates because fear controls it. And if you grab, you have to be in the right place, be firm and never let go. Uli was the bravest and he got her just before nightfall. The pictures show the situation on the beach in the afternoon, some of the tied up males, the female just before and after we got her finally. More news about her to come.

0-hpim4706.jpg grosenanderung-hpim4708.JPG

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