Skin & Bones from Angeria did not make it


Do you remember Skin & Bones from Aliki? Can you imagine that a dog could even be skinnier? One showed up in Angeria, he is in a worse state but you can only know when you touch him. His coat covers the unbelievable condition he is in. Jasper turned up in Angeria at a British couple’s house. Obviously, he did not have much time left. He started eating slowly and we will have to find out, whether starvation was his only problem or whether he is sick as well. He is staying with the couple until they leave, which will be in a week’s time. Then he will move to BarBigs and hopefully turn out to be a healthy dog…

Unfortunately, Jasper did not make it. He died today. Farewell, Jasper, we wish you a better life if you believe in reincarnation.

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