Upcoming PAWS EVENT 03/10/09 – please attend!

Please attend our PAWS event 2009 on 03/10/2009

Please attend our PAWS event 2009 on 03/10/2009

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  1. sabineg47 says:

    Exactly one year ago, my husband and I discovered your existence, thanks to a small little cat ! And thanks to you, this poor creature had a very peaceful and happy last period in his life.
    Since this day, I think of you every day, and look at your blog, wishing to read a nice story, and often crying for you and your poor pets, just like big male, or big male II

    I’m very proud to having known you, because what you are doing is so important and vital !

    I wish you much comprehension, financial and manual help, and friendship from people and neighbours – and plenty of victories and love ! and also much courage !

    As you can see, my english is as poor as last year !

    With all my best wishes,

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