Many Days – Many Events – No Time

None of us has been able to update the Blog lately, when you have a look at the entries you will understand why.

Garbage Puppy:
Some Tourists from Athens found a plastic bag with Puppies in the garbage in Naoussa, 3 Puppies were already dead, the last survivor found his way to BarBigs

Scared hunting dog:
He was reported by claire, in Biggies neighbourhood, with some help of the person who took care of him for a week, we could pick him up

Kittens Pisso Livadi:
5 little kittens were found at the garbage, almost blind. They are recovering at BarBigs

We found Jamiro limping around in the port area in Antiparos, desperately looking for something (or someone?)
he seemed lost and was a bit skinny, so we took him in

French Tourists called about a dog they have been feeding for about 2 months but couldn`t touch.
We were able to pick the dog up with the help of tranqualiser, we namend her Paris

Ringo was running around in Livadia with a chain, and was picked up and brought to BarBigs by a Tourist from Athens.
Does anybody miss him?

Hunting season:
A jung Pointer apeared suddenly at Biggies front door, nobody knows who he might belong to, we took him in

Left behind:
A Lady sold her house, left the island and left her 2 dogs behind, we took them in.
One is staying at a foster home, one is staying with BarBigs

Shy guy:
A small dog apeared at the House of some animal friends who feed him for some days before we were able to pick him up and take him in.

A jung dog found some animal friends in Dillion who took care of him for as long as they stayed on the island, when they left, we took him in

Parking lot Parikia:
2 shy Puppies have been abandoned at a Parking lot in Parikia, a very nice guy had mercy with them and started feeding them.
2 ” Tourists” from Munich from the german organisation Paroshunde were able to catch them and we picked them up. They have already left for Germany.

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  1. MartinaB says:

    Don’t you just sometimes get totally mad… “A Lady sold her house, left the island and left her 2 dogs behind,”………. 🙁

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