Resident anoyed by Negro

It looks like Negro likes recently to sleep overnight in the entrance stairs of a known lady in the centre of Parikia. For those who don’t know it, Negro is a castrated part pitbull stray dog suffering from kalazar that often provokes to him dermal ulcers which can bleed a little bit sometimes. Since the lady has heard of Negro’s disease she doesn’t want him there at all and the last days has been harassing PAWS and the municipality about the issue.

An executive from the municipality suggested euthanasia. PAWS clearly stated that it’s against euthanasia for as long as Negro can enjoy a certain quality of life. And took the opportunity to point that we wish the Dimos could think of PAWS more often and anyway not only when “prominent” citizens make pressures because they’re bothered by a stray.

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  1. nicolas says:

    Negro is reported missing today. Never since he was neutered has he missed his daily visit to Vicky, the shop keeper who has been caring for him but who couldn’t unfortunately give him a home.
    It is too much of a coincidence and we are starting to think for the worst. It would be so disgusting if the “prominent lady” had arranged something bad to Negro…

    Negro is back, read more

  2. scruffy says:

    “Negro is back, read more” cannot appear on screen to be read….why?

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