Bad shape – Σε άσχημη κατάσταση

Bad shape

Abandoned poppy found in bad shape in Livadia

PAWS was called from the Sailing Club in Livadia (NOP) about a puppy on the beach that was obviously bothering the people on the beach. It was very friendly but was in terrible shape and made people upset and sick, a disgusting sight. Martha went to collect it from the beach, had it checked by the vet and then took it to Barbara. The little female is very friendly and lively, let’s hope that she will get well real soon.

Από τον Ναυτικό Όμιλο Πάρου (ΝΟΠ), καλέσανε το PAWS σχετικά με ένα κουτάβι που ενοχλούσε τον κόσμο στην παραλία. Το κουτάβι αν και ήταν πολύ φιλικό, η άθλιά του κατάσταση έκανε τον κόσμο να αηδιάζει και να ταράζεται στην όψη του. Η Μάρθα το μάζεψε από την παραλία, το πήγε στον κτηνίατρο για εξέταση και τώρα το κουτάβι είναι στην Βαρβάρα. Το μικρό θηλυκό είναι πάρα πολύ φιλικό και ευχόμαστε γρήγορα να γίνει καλά.


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  1. Marta says:

    Thank you to the kind Hungarian girl who works as a bay watcher in Livadia, she kept an eye on the dog till we were able to take her to the shelter.

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  3. ursula von minckwitz says:

    Hello Marta,

    we are the new home of Dirma (now called Mira) in Munich.

    We thank you and every body for helping our dog to get healthy again. Mira ist very nice and lively. She ist with us now since 3 months and gets more selfconfident every day. She likes men and big dogs very much and has no illness any more. We are very happy together. Maybe we’ll visit Paros next year.

    Greetings from Munich

  4. Marta says:

    Thank you Greta for the good news. We’d love to see a photo of Mira if you have the chances. All the best. Marta

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