Animal welfare Madness

On sunday after her work, Barbara went to feed the scared male dog in Kakapetra, like every day. He is making good progress and she can touch him lightly and caress his head. He never let anybody do that before. We learned now that the dog had been shot at about 2 months ago and had been wounded badly. He is now fine, but certainly he has some lead under his fur… After that, Barbara wanted to go for a short swim. When she wanted to turn from the main road to Parasporos, she discovered the 2 kittens right there on the turn, crying. There was no other choice for B. than to pick them up, put them in the car and take them home to her bathroom – where else? When she drove back towards the beach she was informed about a puppy that had just been dropped out of a car in the middle of Paroikia. After some phone calls and some searching around she could finally find the puppy and go home, without a swim. The kitties have found a foster home with Lydia, the pup is still with Barb.
Biggie had to pick up a very large, but weak puppy that had sought shelter at somebodies house in Drios. When she asked the finders for a contribution to PAWS, they came up with a plastic bag containing small change, from 1c to 5c pieces, which can be considered as a useful idea: if all the readers of the blog collect their small change and donate it, we will end up with a considerable sum… We are grateful for every donation – thank you to all generous donators!

Animal Welfare madness

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