I lost a friend

This photograph was taken only a few hours before Big Male died

This photograph was taken only a few hours before Big Male died

I lost a friend yesterday.
We had only known each other since last autumn.
I didn’t even know his name.
I used to call him Big male.
We met when he was tied up in the ruin of an old stable.
He wasn’t alone, there was Female and another male, Small male.
They were all three tied up, Small male deep in the ruin, Female on the outside in the yard..
Small male hardly saw daylight those days.
They were skinny or maybe skin and bones is a better description.
Living in their own, blood mixed, excrement
I started feeding them when around Christmas there seemed no food to be given to them at all.
One day I missed all three, they had apparently been removed.
A few days later I found out they were tied to some old trucks in the middle of the field.
I kept on bringing food every day and slowly all three got some fat on the bones.
Maybe I fed them too much, not accounting for the complete lack of exercise.
We had a bond the four of us.
They greeted me every morning on my tour with my dogs to feed my three friends.
Big male used to jump high with all four as soon as I got near.
I fed them and cuddled them for a while before leaving them alone for their long boring day and night.
When the rain started we put up three shelters so at least they could sleep in a dry place and hide for the rain and the cold wind.
The three of them managed with ups and downs till last Sunday morning.
Big male didn’t want to eat and remained lying next to his shelter.
The next morning his collar, still on the chain was empty.
I thought he might have run from his prison but a moment later I saw him lying under the old truck.
He looked at me as if telling me the end was coming.
But not chained as a prisoner but free staying close to his friends.
When I came back in the afternoon Big male had left us.

I took his body and cared for it leaving Female and Small male with their life sentence.
They have done nothing wrong but having been given to the wrong person.

I thank you for reading my story and do hope you will help me fighting this horrible abusive behaviour of some of our fellow men.

If you want to know more about Big male and his friends, don’t hesitate to contact me on bram@paws.gr

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  1. Chris says:

    I cant beleive ( or yes I can) some one could be so cruel. Tell me would it be so wrong to remove these remaing dogs? The person they belong to obviously doesnt want them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe a few days in chains for the owner may make them re-think their behavior towards their animals….

    Shame on you who ever you are. But if you dont care you wont read anything on the P A W S website will you. Maybe a picture and a Banner in the Port of Anti-Paros shaming you maybe shaming these people is a way to go. I dont know……… I cant even imagine how these peoples minds even begin to work But lets not give up. At least they had you Bram giving them a little love and affection and food so they know not all humans are B——s sorry but it makes me so angry I will now stop rambling.

  2. nicolas says:

    I will dedicate “GREEK TRAGEDY” music and lyrics by British singer Maria Daines to Big Male – http://www.myspace.com/mariadaines
    The same way abominable beasts like the torturer of those animals have to be named and shamed by the local community, Greece as a whole should be as well named and shamed as long as the state doesn’t really show any interest in providing and supporting animal welfare services.

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