Puppies in June: Stop this cruel madness!!!

New LitterI have been told not to say: locals did this or that. In order not to offend the Parians. But what I feel like saying today is: An ignorant barbarian, permanent or temporary resident, or visitor of this island, left 6 most beautiful newborn puppies next to a garbage container near Voutakos. A young Albanian construction worker found them and went to ask at the gas station what he could do with them. He was directed to Barbaras house and delivered them here. Unfortunately we do not have an army of willing volunteers who would agree to take upon them the difficult task of bottlefeeding 6 puppies: roughly calculated 7 hours of work per day….¬†Unfortunately, the pretty little pups had to be put to sleep. So, to whom it may concern: stop this cruel madness, sterilize your females and stop throwing your puppies in the garbage.

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