Puppies in May – Tragic Figures

1.5. Somebody went for a walk on Molos Beach and found 3 tiny puppies there. They were soon going to open their eyes and Biggie decided to give it a try and raise them with the bottle. Two of them have made it.
13.5. 2 pups have been dropped at the Bus Station in Naoussa. / 1 pup is found and reported in Kostos
16.5. 2 tiny pups are found near the new slaughterhouse by the same animal lover who found the last group there less than a month ago.
17.5. 5 pups are found tied into a bag near Molos Beach.
13 puppies found in a month. Let us guess: do they represent 10% of all the puppies actually thrown into holes, garbage bins, on the street in this month??? How many unwanted puppies were really produced this month? How many were not found and had to die hungry and dehydrated in a slow barbarian way?
Some of the May Puppies

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