Dissssgusssting condition….

ZottelPAWS member Martina found a sweet little stray dog last night in Paroikia. It is very skinny, practically skin & bones and at close inspection revealed a disgusting condition: thick pads of tangled hair interwoven with several hundreds of ticks. At least 50 fat ticks full of blood were still on the dog, just because there was no way they could go anywhere, caught up in the matted fur. Staying there until they had digested and got hungry again. It could almost be called symbiotic – had it been of any use for the dog. The little male is very sweet and put up with the cleaning up process with stoic patience, even lying on his back when needed. He has had his first bath, too, but the cleaning up could not be finished in one session… One of the worst cases Barbara has ever seen. Pawsy’s dreadlocks were worse, but at least she was found before the tick season.
Day II: Barbara and Biggie combine their forces and for 1 1/2 hours work on the little dog together. He accepts the 4 hands as willingly as before the 2. The more fur is trimmed away, the more ticks appear. TangledTrustingTicksMore ticks
A diferent dog

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