Marley – Dukas: Happy End!!!!

Marley-DukasWould you believe that the young couple was vacationing in Thailand when the mother of the young woman lost their beloved┬ápup (see recent post about Marley? And that their holiday was spoiled? That they could not change their ticket and fly back earlier? That they returned 2 days ago and searched all the island? Would you believe that the young man is the son of the woman who called 2 days ago about pup Bubulina, and the brother of the one who found the sad little wounded female last spring? You better believe it!! This family loves animals and we wish there were many more like them….

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  1. scruffy says:

    Lucky Bubulina…..but to be precise I was the one who called Barbara about her; I was on my way to catch my ferry to Pireaus when I came across Bubulina; although I was late to catch the ferry I stopped and talked to the lady at the Body Shop who told me that she had earlier in the day talked to Nicolas with no positive results; that’s when I thought that perhaps Barbara would be able to take care of the stray puppy, and fortunately she did.

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