Hotel owners ask for help – PAWS asks them for contribution!

Several people called PAWS in the last days, e.g. a hotel owner and a leading politician from Naoussa. They were complaining about a situation that bothered the hotel owner, some of the guests and other people in the neighbourhood: a large female dog on heat with her equally large or even larger successors, who were fighting amongst themselves and probably barking all night. Today PAWS solved the problem. Barbara picked up the female while those crazy males were still trying to jump on her and packed her in the car to take her home.  In the mean time the owners of the males were found  – was it really necessary to have the assistance of the President of PAWS for that? – and they came to pick up their Casanovas and were given some advice about castrating them (did those ears listen? probably not!) As of today PAWS is still waiting for a contribution from the hotel owners. The operation of the female and her vaccinations, chip etc. will cost PAWS at least 200€!!!

The female is about one year old, 60cm shoulderheight and will be spayed soon after her heat for obvious reasons.


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