Dog found in middle of main road

A female hunting dog was found last night desoriented and frightened in the middle of the main road between Paroikia and Naoussa. It seems like a miracle that she was not killed by one of the many cars. She might be pregnant and is currently staying at BarBigs.


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  1. scruffy says:

    I only recently discovered the blog.paws site. It is very interesting, and I am so glad that a lot is being done for the strays in Paros. Althought I haven’t had time to read all the entries, but the general idea I got from the little I read is that “Barbara and Biggie” are the only ones who run all the time, here and there, when there is a dog to be rescued or homed !!!!! That is not fair!!! There are no other persons in the organization that can offer a helping hand???

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