Noon in the Port of Paroikia

The little dog that was picked up in the port of Paroikia in a horrible condition could be the Mascot of PAWS for some advertisement and fundraising campaigns in 2009. Therefore we suggest to name her Pawsy.

Barbara picked up two little dogs today noon in Paroikia. The pictures of the female can be seen here.

Did she belong to someone?


And if yes, should she really be given back?


After some hours of work: the result...

After some hours of work: the result...

4 Responses to “Noon in the Port of Paroikia”

  1. sabineg47 says:

    It is not the first time, unfortunately, that I am shocked by the crualty of many people in front of animals (Arte, the hunter dog, your christmas suprise, and many others….) ! and now ! once again ! how, humanly speaking, can people leave an animal in such a state…. and probably famished, I supposed ! what could she do without you ?
    so, to answer to your question (even if you still know the answer) : NO ! she can’t be given back !

  2. blondie says:

    “There are years that ask the questions and years that answer.”

    The only question that “Pawsy” is asking is, “Why?” Why would someone do this and equally important, why would neighbors, onlookers and others go about their lives and not report this abuse? If we judge a culture by the way it treats its animals, we have much work to do. Let this new year be a time for residents and visitors to ACT! Barbara and Biggie cannot continue to do this alone. “Pawsy” should become the mascot for PAWS and her picture should be made visible throughout the island. This is the reality of the plight of so many island animals. It is the dirty secret and while there is focus on music, art, dance and sunbathing, the madness continues. Will this type of picture hurt tourism? Doing nothing hurts much more than tourism.
    Let the 2009 “Pawsy Campaign” begin. I will help in any way I can. This should include posters (the first one to be placed at the municipality offices)with “Pawsy’s picture, newpaper articles, interviews, neighborhood “watch committees” to report abuse, and most importantly, more people to lighten the load for Barbara and Biggie. Offer to foster, transport, feed, walk or contribute to PAWS. Thank you Barbara for taking “Pawsy” and her companion in and for all the other lives you have saved. I hope 2009 will hold the answers you have so long been waiting for.

  3. Chris says:

    I whole heartedly agree with Blondie above, I can not believe this dog has not been seen before……. and yes a “Pawsy Campaign” sounds great could Pawsy be the answer could Pawsy change the way some of the islanders think about their animals let us hope so. Let 2009 be the year of change I dread to think what the island would be like without you Barbara.
    Thank you for all your hard work I know the dogs appreciate it even if they cant say so, but having visited you on many occasions I can see that they know you are out to help
    them and give a lot of love.

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