Many Events, Days too short!

15.7.: The assistant of J.P. from the Art School calls about a female Pointer-Mix that had shown up at her house in Ambelas on June 30th. As her mother will come (who is allergic to dogs), the dog needs to go. Barbara gets Mirca there. Mirca will leave Paros on the 29th, castrated by PAWS, and is now already with her foster family in Germany. Furthermore, a shy puppy was found in a Garage. It is brought to BarBigs for rehoming.

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16.7.: A German animal-lover who lives on the island can finally help a year-old female dog from Marpissa, that had been kept there under worst conditions since it was a puppy. J.S. has asked the owner to give her the dog and he agreed. Only recently, during the heatwave in July, the second chain-dog there, a Boxer, had died because of lacking shelter from the sun and deprivation of water. Ebony, the beautiful female, was more lucky and is now at BarBigs waiting for rehoming.


17.7.: 3 Puppies were abandonned at the old camping in Livadia and brought to BarBigs. As of now, one has found a home with a German family who owns a holiday house near Naoussa and the other 2 are already in Germany, one with its family and the other with a foster family.


19.7.: Phone calls from Parasporos. Bonnie and Clyde, two very shy dogs that are about a year old and originally showed up there with the other shy dog (see entry June 20) are bothering some of the Greek tenants and BarBigs are asked almost daily to “collect” them. As if we were obliged… and dogs as shy as those 2 cannot be simply collected. And the worst of all things happens: Clyde, after he was worn a collar and put on a lead, panicked, dragging the lead behind him. He ran away with and from the lead, dragging it, running like mad… A few minutes later he was seen already 2 kilometers away. Nobody knows, when and where he stopped. Would he ever stop, would he get tangled in some bushes and die of thirst? We had to worry for three days, then he showed up at the original place, without collar or lead. Such a relief for us!!! After visiting the dogs twice daily, talking to them softly, feeding them from the hand, Biggie was finally able to sedate them on July 26th and to bring them to the kennel. They have made a lot of progress since.

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25.7.: On her way out for dinner with two visiting friends from Germany, Barbara finds a bag in the middle of her dirt road, where it joins the main road. It contains 4 very young puppies with their eyes closed. 2 of them died, the other 2 are being fed every 2-3 hours with the bottle.

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  1. says:

    19.7 Bonnie & Clyde. Many thanks Barbara for looking after Bonnie and Clyde. I miss them both so much. I am sorry about people pestering you
    we would have been in touch sooner had we known about you. Keep up with the good work we will see you in September.

    Chris & Dave (england)

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