Abandoned puppy

C.&M. D. from the UK, spending holidays on Paros found in the area of Livadia a very young puppy that wouldn’t be able to survive by its own. They inquired the neighborhood but no one could help them: no mother, no owners could be found. They decided to take the puppy to their room and went to the police the next day. The police contacted PAWS for a solution.

Answer: (by Nicolas)
I went to the police and was positively surprised to fond a young officer that seemed pretty much motivated in trying to find a solution to the problem. It was not the usual unresponsive attitude of the police. I checked out with Barbara if she had currently space for one more puppy: she said yes and came to pick it half and hour later from my office. The British couple was amazed by so much humanity and efficiency: they said that they wouldn’t have expected this in the UK!

The puppy is still at Barbara’s kennel waiting to be old enough to travel most probably to Germany to a caring family.

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