Manula, a cat from the seafront

Manula, a cat from the seafront“Manula” is a young black and white stray cat who found a cosy but controversial location to store her two new born kittens; she chose the storage room of one of the seafront eateries. The owners were understandably concerned about a potential loss of business and fine if customers or inspectors heard about their boarders!
A sympathetic employee persuaded them not to throw out the little family until the kittens had reached 5 weeks old. At this time the kittens were popped into a box which was placed unceremoniously on the rocks at the sea’s edge. Poor Manula climbed into the box and was trying to suckle them in full view of the paralia hubbub.
The employee fetched an ex Paws board member and together they started to transport the little family to some quieter waste ground.
On the way a young man exclaimed that he wanted some kittens and promptly adopted the two tabby males. Manula soon recovered from her abrupt loss of off-spring and as is nature’s way began “courting” again.
Paws stepped in and with the generous help of two regular visitors to the island who housed her while she recovered from the aneasthetic, got her safely sterilised.
She recovered well and her kittens have settled into their new home.
If you are able to supervise a female cat for 24 hours after the operation please contact PAWS. A large cage can be provided.

By Lornie

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