Spay cats

A.K. wants to help in spay-neuter cats in Krotiri. As she is a teacher, she asked for collection boxes and informative leaflets in order to raise funds in the schools.

Answer: (by Nicolas)
I told her that this is the kind of communication that we would love to have more often! I explained to her that there are no funds available currently for spay-neuter programs but she could benefit of the privileged price list negotiated with the veterinarian for stray cats. I offered of course to her full support for raising funds in the school and promised that PAWS will try hard to generate funds towards cats spay-neuter program.

A.K. has taken appointment with the vet to spay one cat; she couldn’t afford to fix more but she’s looking forward to get a small financial support from the landlord of her house who has holidays rentals and is afraid that the overpopulation of cats might annoy his guests.

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  1. nicolas says:

    A.K. with the financial help of her cousin and of her landlord N.A. who rents bungalows in Krotiri and who was having a problem with the cat’s overpopulation in his property, spayed 7 females: Nala, Pipi, Nita, Tigra, Astero and 2 more which names she couldn’t remember at this moment!
    If everyone was doing the same around his property Paros would be a much more pleasant place to live or to visit!

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