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Blind passengers

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

When PAWS members Walter and Ireanah found a frightened and skinny female hunting dog on their doorstep in Antiparos after Christmas, they did not know yet. They did not know that they would take this sweet female to Switzerland, that their daughter would adopt it and last but not least THEY DID NOT KNOW THAT VERY SOON THE DOG WOULD GIVE BIRTH TO 8 PUPPIES! The young couple is overwhelmed, as they are both working and have no time to raise such a big family. An animal welfare organisation in Switzerland has promised to help with finding homes for the little ones. The first pictures shows the finders, the puppy is one from PAWS that got to travel with them to its new family.

Nichta and Morena found in Paroikia

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

When a 15year old schoolgirl walked home from school last Saturday, the 2 puppies followed her home. Someone must have dumped them. The girl’s mother called PAWS – they could not possibly keep them. Barbara went to pick the sweet pups up and they will move to Tripiti today.