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Many Days – Many Events – No Time

Monday, August 31st, 2009

None of us has been able to update the Blog lately, when you have a look at the entries you will understand why.

Garbage Puppy:
Some Tourists from Athens found a plastic bag with Puppies in the garbage in Naoussa, 3 Puppies were already dead, the last survivor found his way to BarBigs

Scared hunting dog:
He was reported by claire, in Biggies neighbourhood, with some help of the person who took care of him for a week, we could pick him up

Kittens Pisso Livadi:
5 little kittens were found at the garbage, almost blind. They are recovering at BarBigs

We found Jamiro limping around in the port area in Antiparos, desperately looking for something (or someone?)
he seemed lost and was a bit skinny, so we took him in

French Tourists called about a dog they have been feeding for about 2 months but couldn`t touch.
We were able to pick the dog up with the help of tranqualiser, we namend her Paris

Ringo was running around in Livadia with a chain, and was picked up and brought to BarBigs by a Tourist from Athens.
Does anybody miss him?

Hunting season:
A jung Pointer apeared suddenly at Biggies front door, nobody knows who he might belong to, we took him in

Left behind:
A Lady sold her house, left the island and left her 2 dogs behind, we took them in.
One is staying at a foster home, one is staying with BarBigs

Shy guy:
A small dog apeared at the House of some animal friends who feed him for some days before we were able to pick him up and take him in.

A jung dog found some animal friends in Dillion who took care of him for as long as they stayed on the island, when they left, we took him in

Parking lot Parikia:
2 shy Puppies have been abandoned at a Parking lot in Parikia, a very nice guy had mercy with them and started feeding them.
2 ” Tourists” from Munich from the german organisation Paroshunde were able to catch them and we picked them up. They have already left for Germany.

Big Male II – Μεγάλο αρσενικό ΙΙ

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

2 monthsOn June 13th, Barbara got a phone call about a big frightened male dog on a construction site in Kakapetra. Could we remove the dog?
Barbara went right away to look for it and realized that it was the same male that had spent the winter in Dassos, had been shot at by a farmer, survived and sought shelter in Kakapetra. He had never been touched or caressed by any person, probably – some had tried but not succeeded. Even though Barbara was very busy, she went every day to feed and spend some time with the dog. She would call him, as soon as she got there: “Hello my friend, where are you?…” and he would come running, wagging his tail. Very soon he let Barbara touch him lightly, let her put a collar on him. But with every sudden movement, he would jump. Barbara had a lot of respect because of his size and his fear and did not know how to handle him, could not just lift him in her car. He had never been lifted up before and could very well bite in a situation like that. Therefore she had discussed the situation with the dog trainer. They were trying to find a slot in their busy schedules to go and see the dog together, to try and decide how to remove him from the place. In the mean time, some people were fed up with the dog staying there. A worker called the dog trainer and warned her that the dog might get killed if he was not taken away soon. Think about it: this was after Barbara had been seeing the dog for 2 months, daily. He had been waiting for her for 2 months every evening, neighbours witnessed that, they noticed him waiting for her car. But – ever since the phone call the dog has disappeared. What kind of coincidence is this? Barbara has cried bitterly and is very sorry that she did not act before it was too late. Why does it seem to be an acceptable solution for some people to kill an animal like him just because he is in the way and he pees on some tiles in a construction site?

Στις 13 Ιουνίου φωνάξανε την Βαρβάρα σχετικά με ένα μεγάλο, φοβισμένο αρσενικό σκυλί που βρέθηκε σε μια οικοδομή στα Κακάπετρα. Η Βαρβάρα πήγε αμέσως να το βρει. Ήτανε το ίδιο αρσενικό σκυλί που πέρασε τον χειμώνα του στο Δάσος, το ίδιο αρσενικό που πυροβολήθηκε από κάποιον αγρότη, αλλά κατάφερε να επιζήσει και βρήκε καταφύγιο στα Κακάπετρα. Πιθανώς ποτέ κανείς δεν το είχε χαϊδέψει, ούτε καν ακουμπήσει. Παρότι η Βαρβάρα ήταν πολύ απασχολημένη, κάθε μέρα πήγαινε να ταϊσει τον σκύλο. Κάθε φορά, μόλις έφτανε στην οικοδομή η Βαρβάρα φώναζε: Γειά σου φίλε μου, πού είσαι?…. κι αυτός χαρούμενος έτρεχε να την προϋπαντήσει, κουνόντας την ουρά του. Πολύ γρήγορα η Βαρβάρα κατάφερε να τον αγγίξει λίγο, να τον χαϊδέψει ελαφρά, ακόμα και να την αφήσει να του φορέσει κολάρο. Φυσικά, σε κάθε απότομη κίνηση αυτός πεταγόταν τρομαγμένος. Η Βαρβάρα έτρεφε σεβασμό για τον σκύλο, λόγω του μεγέθους του αλλά και του φόβου του και δεν ήξερε πως να τον χειριστεί. Κανείς ποτέ δεν τον είχε σηκώσει για να τον μετακινήσει και θα μπορούσε ίσως να δαγκώσει κάποιον σε μια ανάλογη περίσταση, γι’ αυτό και αποφάσισε να συμβουλευτεί την εκπαιδεύτρια σκύλων. Προσπαθούσαν να βρουν ένα κενό στο φορτωμένο τους πρόγραμμα για να μπορέσουν ν’ ασχοληθούν με τον σκύλο μαζί, να προσπαθήσουν ν’ αποφασίσουν πως θα τον απομακρύνουν από την οικοδομή.
Εν τω μεταξύ, καποιοι δεν μπορούσαν να κάνουν αλλό υπομονή με τον σκύλο. Ενας μαστόρας τηλεφώνησε στην εκπαιδεύτρια και της ειπε οτι καποιοι απείλησαν να σκοτώσουν τον σκύλο. Σκεφτείται αυτό: η απειλή έγινε μετά από 2 ολόκληρους μήνες κατα τους οποίους η Βαρβάρα πήγαινε καθημερινά να δει τον σκύλο. Ο σκύλος επί 2 μήνες την περίμενε καθημερινά να εμφανιστεί – οι γείτονες είναι μάρτυρες της καθημερινής της επίσκεψης – τον έβλεπαν να περιμένει το αυτοκίνητό της. Παρ’ όλα αυτά μετά την απειλή να το σκοτώσουν ο σκύλος εξαφανίστηκε από την οικοδομή. Τί είδους σύμπτωση ήταν αυτή? Η Βαρβάρα έκλαψε πικραμένη και λυπάται πολύ που δεν μπόρεσε να κάνει κάτι πριν να είναι πολύ αργά. Γιατί είναι αποδεκτή λύση για κάποιους να σκοτώνουν ένα ζώο απλά γιατί εμποδίζει τον δρόμο τους ή γιατί μπορεί να κατούρησε τα πλακάκια μιας οικοδομής?
Hello my friend

Bad Shape??? – Σε κακή κατάσταση???

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Do you remember Bad Shape? We called her Dirma because it would have been too obvious to call her Derma. Would you believe how well she looks after only a few weeks with us?
Θυμάστε την σκυλίτσα που ήταν σε κακή κατάσταση? Την φωνάζαμε Δίρμα, καθώς το όνομα Δέρμα θα ήταν ίσως πολύ φανερό. Ποιός θα πίστευε οτι σε λίγες μόνο εβδομάδες κοντά μας θα γινότανε τόσο καλύτερα?
Bad Shape?