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Animal welfare Madness

Monday, June 29th, 2009

On sunday after her work, Barbara went to feed the scared male dog in Kakapetra, like every day. He is making good progress and she can touch him lightly and caress his head. He never let anybody do that before. We learned now that the dog had been shot at about 2 months ago and had been wounded badly. He is now fine, but certainly he has some lead under his fur… After that, Barbara wanted to go for a short swim. When she wanted to turn from the main road to Parasporos, she discovered the 2 kittens right there on the turn, crying. There was no other choice for B. than to pick them up, put them in the car and take them home to her bathroom – where else? When she drove back towards the beach she was informed about a puppy that had just been dropped out of a car in the middle of Paroikia. After some phone calls and some searching around she could finally find the puppy and go home, without a swim. The kitties have found a foster home with Lydia, the pup is still with Barb.
Biggie had to pick up a very large, but weak puppy that had sought shelter at somebodies house in Drios. When she asked the finders for a contribution to PAWS, they came up with a plastic bag containing small change, from 1c to 5c pieces, which can be considered as a useful idea: if all the readers of the blog collect their small change and donate it, we will end up with a considerable sum… We are grateful for every donation – thank you to all generous donators!

Animal Welfare madness

I lost a friend

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

This photograph was taken only a few hours before Big Male died

This photograph was taken only a few hours before Big Male died

I lost a friend yesterday.
We had only known each other since last autumn.
I didn’t even know his name.
I used to call him Big male.
We met when he was tied up in the ruin of an old stable.
He wasn’t alone, there was Female and another male, Small male.
They were all three tied up, Small male deep in the ruin, Female on the outside in the yard..
Small male hardly saw daylight those days.
They were skinny or maybe skin and bones is a better description.
Living in their own, blood mixed, excrement
I started feeding them when around Christmas there seemed no food to be given to them at all.
One day I missed all three, they had apparently been removed.
A few days later I found out they were tied to some old trucks in the middle of the field.
I kept on bringing food every day and slowly all three got some fat on the bones.
Maybe I fed them too much, not accounting for the complete lack of exercise.
We had a bond the four of us.
They greeted me every morning on my tour with my dogs to feed my three friends.
Big male used to jump high with all four as soon as I got near.
I fed them and cuddled them for a while before leaving them alone for their long boring day and night.
When the rain started we put up three shelters so at least they could sleep in a dry place and hide for the rain and the cold wind.
The three of them managed with ups and downs till last Sunday morning.
Big male didn’t want to eat and remained lying next to his shelter.
The next morning his collar, still on the chain was empty.
I thought he might have run from his prison but a moment later I saw him lying under the old truck.
He looked at me as if telling me the end was coming.
But not chained as a prisoner but free staying close to his friends.
When I came back in the afternoon Big male had left us.

I took his body and cared for it leaving Female and Small male with their life sentence.
They have done nothing wrong but having been given to the wrong person.

I thank you for reading my story and do hope you will help me fighting this horrible abusive behaviour of some of our fellow men.

If you want to know more about Big male and his friends, don’t hesitate to contact me on

PPM – Paros Puppy Madness

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

The finder will adopt oneToday, Barbara had to pick up three more puppies that were abandonned with eyes still closed, at the exact same place where she had to pick up three others on June 10th. The characteristics and the age of the pups indicate that they are from the same litter as the first three. As we get really sick at times of having to take puppies to be put to sleep every so often, these three were lucky: we decided to give them a chance, as the finder will adopt one of them and the others will also find a home if they make it….Lucky

Sparky from Paroikia

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Many of you may have seen Sparky in Paroikia, where he had been living since last winter as a stray dog. We had not been able to take him in because we were too full. Lately he had been showing some strange behaviour on the street, chasing motorbikes, barking at people and attacking pedestrians to protect his friends. We had to take him in and are trying to show him his place in the pack and take the burden of leadership off him, hoping that he will bring out the friendly and playful young dog. Sparky

Cute dog on the main road

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

This cute little girl was found today close to Biggies house. The young couple who found her are friends of  Biggies neighbour, so they knew exactly where to bring her.img_0020 They asked me: do you want her? Do i want her? At least i had a laugh

Stray male, frightened, Kakapetra

Sunday, June 14th, 2009


PAWS was called for help by a priest. He is building a house and on the construction site, a male dog has sought shelter and has been staying there for some days. He is quite shy and will not come close to the people. He has been around in Kakapetra for part of the winter and has made himself a name to be a chicken killer if not worse. Animal friends have been trying to approach him, but to no avail. This will be a large problem for us to solve, because a dog like him has very little chance to be rehomed.

Puppies in June: Stop this cruel madness!!!

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

New LitterI have been told not to say: locals did this or that. In order not to offend the Parians. But what I feel like saying today is: An ignorant barbarian, permanent or temporary resident, or visitor of this island, left 6 most beautiful newborn puppies next to a garbage container near Voutakos. A young Albanian construction worker found them and went to ask at the gas station what he could do with them. He was directed to Barbaras house and delivered them here. Unfortunately we do not have an army of willing volunteers who would agree to take upon them the difficult task of bottlefeeding 6 puppies: roughly calculated 7 hours of work per day…. Unfortunately, the pretty little pups had to be put to sleep. So, to whom it may concern: stop this cruel madness, sterilize your females and stop throwing your puppies in the garbage.


Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Puppy? from the parking lotThat friendly guy was reported to Barbara as a puppy at the Parking lot. At first he seemed to be unable to walk, but he was just scared. He is doing fine now at BarBigs


Saturday, June 13th, 2009

MavromataMavromata comes from Barbaras neighbourhood, for more than one year we felt sorry for that poor girl. She had to live in a small cage, all alone, and we could hear her many times crying for some attention from her owner.  Finally, he wanted to give the dog away, and we were more than happy to take her in.


Friday, June 12th, 2009

NarniaNarnia had already been reported to us as a stray dog, but her finders had agreed to keep her for a while… But she dissappeared and showed up at Magaya days later, where she decided to stay. We had agreed to pick her from there the next morning. Unfortunately she had some neighbours’ chicken for breakfast.