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Kitten in the Cistern

Friday, September 12th, 2008

A week ago PAWS was called up by the Fire Brigade. They had been called by the Nunnery not far from Barbaras home. A little kitten had fallen in the 5 meter deep water cistern and needed to be saved. The fire brigade had more important things to do, they said. When Barbara heard about it and called the nunnery, she was told that at 17.30 a neighbour would come with a ladder. Barbara went to the nunnery and decided to give it a try. The metal ladder reached to the ground but could not be reached with the feet. Therefore a ancient specimen of a rope ladder was used to reach the other one. When Barbara reached the little kitten that had been sitting soaked on a narrow ledge on the side of the practically empty cistern (but with still enough water for a little kitten to survive the fall and then to drown in it…) she felt so sorry for it that she grabbed it and forgot to take a picture… But not only the kitten was happy, when the adventure was over!

Kitten Stories

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Kittens??? Who has time to write about kittens… But here some short notes…

 The red kitten was rescued out of a garbage bin by Lydia, Barbara found the grey one in the middle of nowhere crying under a bush. They have travelled to Germany recently with PAWS supporter Eibi and her husband

These two kittens have been found by a family from Munich, who had adopted a dog from Paros years ago. Here they are ready to fly to their new homes.
 The family found this sick little kitten as well, it is staying with Lydia and has been suffering from severe diarrhea for too long.

A couple from Germany who is vacationing in Antiparos found this wounded kitten unable to walk between Glascafe and Enigma lying under a tree. Shopowners or residents had supplied it with water and food, but it needed a Vet! They came back the next day just for the kitten and through the Vet got Barbara’s phone number. The kitten is staying with Biggie and recovering just fine.
Two sisters from England rescued this little sick kitten and treated it until it was fully recovered. They cannot adopt it because the procedure is too complicated because of the British laws regarding the import of animals. They were sad when they had to leave it. It is now staying with Biggie and will travel to Germany soon.

5 little kittens had been dropped at the Garbage near Euromarket Naoussa. They were crawling on the street and were almost killed by the cars. A young man picked them up and they were brought to Barbara. 4 of them are fine, the 5th is staying in Barbaras bathroom / cat hospital together with the little blind one.

Poor Dog from Naussa

Friday, September 5th, 2008

 Yesterday, the Rescue Team (see article about them in Paros Life) was called to the port of Naussa. Somebody had fished a dog out of the water. It was an old female and she was in bad shape. The dog was picked up by Biggie in Naussa and brought to the Vet. She had been hit, was bleeding from the Nose and breathing heavily. She was obviously in pain. Her condition did not improve and she died in the evening.

Dog found near Nunnery

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008


A friend saw the dog next to the garbage bin for 2 days in a row, was it waiting for the person who had dropped it there? Or was it just looking for food? It is now staying at Barbaras. Has anyone seen this friendly male before or knows where it could come from?