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This heat is getting to me!

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Grinch, a funny Boxer female, has been with us for more than a year. She was tied to a pole not far from Barbaras home one evening, in a terrible condition. It took months to heal her skin condition. She is very well now and we hope she will get a chance to move on soon!

Female found in Lefkes

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

This friendly female was found frightened in Lefkes. She is now staying at Biggies. Who has seen this dog before?

Male Collie found in Aspro Chorio

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

This beautiful dog was found in Aspro Chorio. It seems he has chased some goats or sheep and therefore it needed to be picked up by Biggie, for its own safety and the safety of the herd. We are trying to find its owners, because certainly it must belong to someone!

Unwanted kitten at the car rental

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

The little kitten was seeking food and company at the Hertz car rental. The employee or owner threw it out: unwanted here. Somebody witnessed the scene and the kitten is now safely purring away, feeling safe and ath home. Another one was not so lucky: if had a severe fracture and the eyes were in a horrible state when it was found. It had to be relieved from its suffering.

Many Events, Days too short

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

2 puppies found by Swiss touristJune 8: A tourist from Switzerland found 2 lovely but nevertheless abandonned puppies near Filizi. As of today they are already with Vivalahund in Germany and will go to their new families very soon.




June 9: Biggie found 2 kittens in Glyfa, one already dead, the other half starved. As of today, it is already in Germany with Vivalahund and will go to its family soon.




June 13: Because of the death of its owner, a beautiful female dog was looking for a new home. She has found one in Munich and will travel soon.




June 14: A shy female dog escapes and cannot be found. As of today, she is still on the loose and we are desperately trying to find her.




June 18: We get a phone call from Kamares. A female shepherd has been found there and tied up. Good thing we get her from there: it is a very hot day. She is overweight and must have belonged to someone. Who can tell us more about her?



June 18: Sylke, Carla and her daughter Lilly visit us from Germany. They are with the Organisation Vivalahund and have rehomed many Parosdogs and Cats in the past years. They are staying in Hotel Minois Village free of charge. Many other hotels had offered a room as well, but this was most convenient because of its location close to Barbara.



June 20: A puppy has been at Hotel Aegean Village for days. Some guests complain and it has to be picked up by Barbara. Since yesterday it is in Germany with Vivalahund and will find a family soon.




June 20: 2 puppies have been abandonned in Paroikia at the Parking near the cemetery. As of now, one is already in Germany with Vivalahund and will find a family soon.

Female found on Main Road

Friday, June 6th, 2008

img_1204.jpg An animal lover from Aliki found a frightened one-year-old female on the main road near Parasporos. She was wearing a flea collar and a regular one, so we suspect that someone must have lost her. She is staying at Barbigs until we know if she belongs somewhere. Who knows where this sweet female might come from?En m


Friday, June 6th, 2008

zaun1.jpg zaun.jpg 

Vivalahund, an organisation that PAWS has been collaborating with for some years in Germany and who have rehomed many dogs and some cats from Paros, offered to contribute to constructing a fence at Biggies new home, so the load of animals kept at Barbaras could be more evenly distributed. It was decided, that from now on Biggie should keep the puppies and youngsters at her place. The fence was finally finished yesterday. It was a 2-day-job for 3 workers and Barbara. It has a good size, is divided in 3 compartements and also provides some nice shade from a big tree.

Traffic is slow

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

trafic.jpg???????? ????? ???????? When Barbara was driving into town on friday afternoon, the 4 cars in front of her slowed down and then came to a stop for no apparent reason. Suddenly Barbara saw what had caused it: a little blind kitten had crossed the road. Blinded by the infection in its eyes, the eyelids stuck together. After being treated with Antibiotics and eyesalve, it is doing fine.