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An incredible story

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008


February 22nd, Christina, a notorious animal lover from Naussa (A lot of Pepper… you know what I mean?) brought a stray female dog to BarBigs, supposedly pregnant. It turned out she was still on heat. Barbara was in Germany at the time for a seminar and never saw the dog, because before she returned, the female was lost when Biggie was walking the group and Sony never came back afterwards. Biggie was upset for weeks and worrying about Sony. When Barbara picked up the female with the google eye two months later (see below, ‘the nuns do not want her’), she had no idea, that this was the same dog, lost 2 months ago and found just around the corner, because Biggie happened to be in Germay over Easter…

As it turned out, Sony was happy to be back at BarBigs (please: where has she been during all those weeks???), but not happy enough to stay all day. We wanted her here all day to treat her eye, but we suspected that there might be puppies somewhere and left her to move about freely. So today, Barbara went after her and found her little ones inside the walls of the Nunnery. And now, Sony the mother, the deserted babies, the nuns and we all are happy.

Beautiful Churches of Paros

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

church-29042008-14-35-05.jpg Near the beautiful old church with the big trees, between Paroikia and Naoussa, where cars drive with about 100kmph, a Greek animal lover found 4 large puppies. He put them behind the fence so they would not be run over by a car. He went to buy food and water for them. When he came back, one of them had gotten over the fence and had been killed by a car already. He was lucky and found out about BarBigs and the remaining three are now safe.

The Nuns do not want her

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

leica-auge.jpg leica.jpg When Barbara saw this female at the Nunnery Christos sto Dassos near her house, she inquired about the dog. She was told that the female had showed up recently and that they did not want to keep her. Leica got her name immediately due to her ‘prominent’ right eye, which must be blind. She probably had puppies recently, she has milk, still.

29.4. After seeing the Vet we are treating her eye for Glaucoma and hope that the swelling will go back. We still haven’t discovered any puppies.

Cine Rex

Friday, April 25th, 2008

rexy-24042008-09-21-04.jpg rexy.jpg rexy-22042008-10-18-14.jpg On April 20th, a shopowner on the main street heard a puppy complain and started looking for it. It had most probably been hit by a car, who knows when, and was now in the small piece of land on the busy corner of Cine Rex/Audiophile. They fed him and gave him water and notified PAWS. His injury to the pelvis seems not too serious.

Expensive boats but extremely poor dogs

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Does this look as a guard dog?On the way between Naoussa and Prodromos, in Asteras, the manager of the Kolimbithres dry dock, maintains a stockyard for yachts and sailing boats. Already the Kolimbithres dry dock has a bad record on animal welfare and many complaints have been received about the poor conditions in which are kept there 3 dogs.

But the situation with the dogs in the Asteras stockyard is even worst. It’s chocking to see in the middle of expensive boats 3 more underfed Dobermans.

Oh no! Not a Pit Bull!

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

perif.jpg agnanti.jpg We really hope that the two dogs belong to somebody and will be collected from BarBigs soon. Unfortunately they are Pit Bulls or Mixes and have practically no chance of being rehomed in Germany. The black one was picked up on the Periferiako of Paroikia, after it had almost caused a traffic accident. It is wearing a nice collar and we hope that its owner will call. The beige one showed up at Hotel Agnanti in Krios recently, without collar. Both have no Microchips.

April is still young…. But nevertheless!

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

This nice male (55cm, below left) was found near Koliopulos on the main road, obviously lost & waiting in the same place during several hours for someone to pick him up.  
bruno-05042008-14-36-41.jpg ali-13042008-14-12-19.jpg

The little White&black male (45cm, above right) was found by an animal lover on the Periferiakos in Parikia. We suspect he was just after some female on heat and belongs somewhere. Has anyone seen him before?

The black male Hunting Dog (50cm, below left) was found injured near Hotel Argo by a tourist. The injury is not very recent, and must have been quite bad. He is slowly starting to put some weight on his foot.
feo-13042008-14-09-17.jpg tessa-13042008-14-05-17.jpg fidel-13042008-14-06-27.jpg

The little female of about 7 months (now 40cm, above middle) was thrown on the balcony of an animal lover near Naoussa. Her own ferocious Jack Russel was not willing to accept a new companion.

The large puppy (5-6 months, now 45cm, above right) was hiding behing a garbage container not far from Tao’s center in Ambelas. They are all staying at Barbigs at the moment.

Garbage in March

Monday, April 7th, 2008