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New Puppies – No Letter

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

0-pups-noletter.jpg When Barbara, Ursula and Esthi went for the evening round with the dogs just before 11 p.m., Barbara heard a puppy squeaking where there should have been no puppy. When they went to investigate with the flashlight, they found 5 puppies which had been dropped off there for her to find, obviously.


Sunday, December 9th, 2007

0-yupi1.jpg 0-yupi-07112007-16-59-50.jpg Yupi ist eine liebe und hübsche Epagnel Breton-Mix Hündin von 45 cm SH und dürfte gut ein Jahr alt sein. Sie wird in den nächsten Tagen kastriert und sucht ein Zuhause bei Menschen, die den tollen Charakter eines Jagdhunds zu schätzen wissen.

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Ferocious Mama

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

0-suria.jpg 0-suriapups.jpg During the last weeks, a female dog who had had puppies in the garden of Hotel Asterias repeatedly attacked and bit people, even uninvolved pedestrians who had not even looked at her or her puppies – a Greek housewife, a German resident and a black CD-salesman, among others. Barbara had heard about the dog and her puppies but was not really too keen about collecting them because she was afraid! How would she collect this dog and how would she incorporate her in the group that she was already keeping at home? Today, when she heard that the mother was actually out on the street with some of the pups Barbara drove into town and with the help of some good spirits or fairies packed the dog plus the five remaining puppies into her car and brought them home with her. 

Little Miss Marple

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

0-miss-m.jpg 0-miss-marple.jpg Little Miss Marple is a 4 month old female puppy. She showed up near a Photoshop in Marpissa in the beginning of December. The people from the shop fed her, but did not want to keep her. They had some friends in the town hall and with some detours, got Barbaras phone number. Miss Marple from Marpissa is now here and quite happe about the company.

Lila – the colour purple

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

0-lila.jpg On a rainy afternoon, while Barbara was giving a hand to her friends in Thapsana who are packing to move, she got a phone call from a desperate woman. This young woman had left because she was a teacher and got a job in Athens three months ago – she left a young female dog, Jack Russel-Mix, behind, alone outside the house, to be fed by an uncle…. It is a pity that a teacher does not know better. How shall the children learn to treat animals differently? The dog got lonely and bored, it seems, and killed quite a large number of chicken, or so she was told at least. Now she wanted someone to take care of Lila as soon as possible. Lila is now with Barbara and we are waiting for a phone call so we can decide what will happen with the very sweet dog in the future.

Puppy with a letter

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

0-smilla-letter.jpg 0-smilla.jpg This sweet female puppy was left with a letter at Agios Arsenios, near Barbaras house, her finder insisted. The letter says that she was born on Oct 27th, that her mother had too many pups and that hopefully the finder will love her and treat her well. Our suggestion to the people who wrote the letter: you seem to care. Why do you not sterilize the mother instead of leaving her puppies somewhere with unknown outcome?

No little schoolboy

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

0-abc.jpg 0-abece.jpg How this frightened little male puppy ended up in the schoolyard yesterday only the gods know. And the person who left it there. It was lucky that 2 children found it, picked it up and brought it to Biky, who takes care of famous Negro. Barbara collected the pup and it is now staying with her.