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Skin and Bones from Aliki

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

0-miga-31122007-13-47-42.jpg 0-miga.jpg Today DH from Kampos called and told me she found a very skinny female in Aliki. Taking her home would result in a divorce threat from her husband. She brought Miga (the fly – die Fliege) here, named after the German Fliegengewicht, or featherweight. Miga learned in no time at all where home is – even after the first short walk she returned straight to the door she had been carried in only an hour earlier.

Great Help

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

0-help.jpg 0-miga-31122007-13-47-10.jpg Not just sitting down and drinking coffee as the first photo might suggest, but mostly working hard: that is Sabine, the great help from Germany, who came after reading Barbara’s SOS in the Internet. She will stay here for a month and help with the dogs (over 30 to be taken care of at the moment) until Biggie returns in January.

Female seeking shelter in Sotires

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

0-sara.jpg Who has seen this sweet female before? She was seeking shelter last night at A’s house in Sotires. As he is leaving the island in a week, he tried to convince the dog to leave his premises with no avail. He took her away and she was back after 15 minutes. After talking to Barbara, he was kind enough to accept taking care of her for a week until his departure. All of you are invited to follow his example! Give a dog a place to stay for a little while! Want to offer your help – call Barbara at 6976 322 076.

2:2 Isterni-Ambelas

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

The teams from Isterni and Ambelas came up with an even score. Both deposited 2 puppies near the garbage bin and not far from the main road. The puppies near Isterni were first seen yesterday and had to spend the night out, the poor little things. Both pairs of pups were reported and taken to Barbara’s today. Both pairs are still quite young – around 4 weeks. Let’s wish them all the best! And their former ‘owners’ understanding, insight and money to sterilize their female dogs.
0-isterni1.jpg 0-isterni-2.jpg
0-ambelas-2.jpg 0-ambelas-1.jpg
The outcome

Merry Christmas from Biggie and Zippo

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

0-zippo.jpg Biggie and Zippo are in Germany. It is a GREAT holiday, but just a tiny little bit they miss Paros and they wish us all MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Uncivilized Behaviour

Thursday, December 20th, 2007


I can only call this uncivilized behaviour. Some time yesterday morning (if not before…) someone must have tied this black female dog to this electricity pole, the same string used for the neck and the tying bit. The neck hairless, from the tight string or collar that she might have worn. Sagging teats from having pups recently or innumerable times. I saw her by coincidence (!!?) when I drove by in the late morning. The dog was afraid and therefore seemed aggressive. I could not find a solution for her immediately and she had to spend the night there, unfortunately. Today, PAWS committee member NS and his wife P were able to take her in for one day. At the moment she is staying with CB, but she is looking for a place where she can spend the rest of the winter.

Biggie came and went, Spocky came and stays

Monday, December 17th, 2007

0-spocky.jpg Biggie was here for 24 hours. She brought transport boxes and flew dogs out to their homes. Does it come as a surprise that she found a dog in the port? Barbaras protests did not really impress her. Maybe because the dog looked so much like Biggies dog Zippo? Meet Spocky…

A Crazy Day. A Present with short legs

Friday, December 14th, 2007

0-romeo-17122007-14-41-32.jpg  0-romeo-14122007-20-17-27.jpg When Barbara came home after a crazy day she found a present with four short legs and a considerable forebite. He was tied up with a ribbon in her courtyard and got drenched because it was raining.

Dangerous Life in Naoussa

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

0-naoussa.jpg Christina, an animal lover from Naoussa, called and told us about a young male dog that had shown up in Naoussa. She asked whether she could take it to Barbaras place for safety, as there had been many poisonings in Naoussa recently.

Introducing the Incredible Cat

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

0-incredible-cat.jpg  0-tomcat.jpg This nice Tomcat was looking for a new home. No idea where he came from. Who would believe that he chose Barbaras place – unfriendly cats and dozens of dogs, some of them would not hesitate and kill a cat if they only got the chance…. But here he is, and obviously intending to stay.