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Many IF's and a dead dog – Πολλά «αν…» κι ένα νεκρό σκυλί

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

If..., if..., if..., if...If this beautiful female hunting dog had had a loving home, she would never have ended up stray and hungry at the gas station between Paroikia and Naoussa. If it had ended up in another place, there would not have been so fast traffic. If the dog would have crossed the road seconds before or after, it would not have been hit by a car. If the fracture on its front leg would not have been an open one with the bone sticking out, and the open wound on her belly not so deep, the dog might have been saved. If PAWS was not operating with only one temporary shelter at the moment, then maybe the dog would have been picked up days earlier when the first call came and the female was still fine. If more people in Paros had offered to foster a dog then maybe she could have been saved. But as things went, Barbara and the animal lover who helped her had no other choice than to take the dog to the vet to release her from her pain.

Αν αυτό το πανέμορφο θηλυκό κυνηγόσκυλο είχε ένα σπίτι να την αγαπάνε, δεν θα είχε καταλήξει ποτέ αδέσποτη και πεινασμένη στο βενζινάδικο μεταξύ Νάουσας και Παροικιάς. Αν είχε καταλήξει κάπου αλλού, ο δρόμος δεν θα είχε τόση πολλή κίνηση. Αν η σκυλίτσα είχε προσπαθήσει να περάσει τον δρόμο λίγο πριν ή λίγο μετά δεν θα την είχε χτυπήσει αυτοκίνητο. Αν το σπάσιμο στο πόδι της δεν ήταν τόσο μοιραίο όσο να φαίνεται το κόκκαλό της και η πλήγή στην κοιλιά της τόσο βαθιά, ίσως και να είχε σωθεί. Αν ο Paws δεν λειτουργούσε με μόνο ένα προσωρινό καταφύγιο τότε ίσως κάποιος να είχε πάει να πάρει την σκυλίτσα από εκεί λίγο νωρίτερα – όταν πριν πολλές μέρες κάποιος ειδοποίησε γι’ αυτήν και ήταν ακόμα καλά. Αν περισσότεροι άνθρωποι στην Πάρο προσφέρονταν να κρατήσουν προσωρινά σπίτι τους κάποιο σκύλο, τότε ίσως αυτή η σκυλίτσα να είχε σωθεί… Άλλα δύστυχώς έτσι όπως έγιναν τα πράγματα, η Βαρβάρα με κάποιον άλλον φιλόζωο που την βοήθησε δεν είχαν άλλη επιλογή από το να πάνε την σκυλίτσα στον κτηνίατρο και να την απαλλάξουν από τον πόνο της…για πάντα!

Your Neighbours' Dog, one Week afer your Intervention

Monday, December 8th, 2008
One week later

One week later

See what can happen in one weeks time! Keep your eyes open, watch your neighbour’s dog and react if necessary!

Your Neighbours' Dog

Monday, December 1st, 2008

After having the collar off for 24h and being cleaned, the wound looks so much better already!

Many animals that belong to somebody need our help as much as the strays. Be sure to always keep your eyes open. Some people who own animals here on this island never really look at them, rarely touch them, nor go close to them. Or how else could it have happened that this friendly old male dog was wearing an old flea-collar that had grown practically into his neck? The rotten flesh smell had not developped from one day to the next. And this is a dog that has a good little house, a place in the shade, a long chain and a wire to run back and forth. A dog kept quite well, compared to many others. It was his luck that Biggie had to stop there and discovered by chance the state he was in.

Skin & Bones from Angeria did not make it

Thursday, May 15th, 2008


Do you remember Skin & Bones from Aliki? Can you imagine that a dog could even be skinnier? One showed up in Angeria, he is in a worse state but you can only know when you touch him. His coat covers the unbelievable condition he is in. Jasper turned up in Angeria at a British couple’s house. Obviously, he did not have much time left. He started eating slowly and we will have to find out, whether starvation was his only problem or whether he is sick as well. He is staying with the couple until they leave, which will be in a week’s time. Then he will move to BarBigs and hopefully turn out to be a healthy dog…

Unfortunately, Jasper did not make it. He died today. Farewell, Jasper, we wish you a better life if you believe in reincarnation.

Skin & Bones from Aliki, Part III

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Miga is a very lucky dog, after all! In only 3 weeks’ time she managed to be half dead, rescued and to find a home with a loving family. Well done, Miga!

Skin & Bones from Aliki, Part II

Monday, January 14th, 2008

0-miga3.jpg 0-miga-2.jpg Miga from Aliki is coming along just fine. After only 2 weeks of food and care she is looking much better already.

5 puppies deposited at the Vet's office

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

0-pups-new.jpg Tuesday morning BarBigs were called to pick up 5 little puppies that had been left in a carton at the back entrance of the Vet’s office. He found them when he opened in the morning. Being a responsible pet owner means to castrate a female in order to prevent her from havin g puppies.

Successful PAWS annual event '07

Friday, October 5th, 2007

Dog Trainer Event 07

PAWS held its annual event on Sunday 30 September at the Hotel Paros Agnanti. The main attraction this year was a silent auction with more than 60 valuable items or services generously donated by local merchants and individuals. The almost 100 participants had the opportunity to bid for useful products and acquire them at low prices.
The auction together with the entrance tickets raised about 3.000 € and since there were almost no costs involved, it was the all times best fund-raiser event for PAWS.
The Athena Hall at Paros Agnanti Hotel was the most convenient setting to host this kind of event. Other highlights of the evening were:
– a gourmets’ fingertip buffet graciously elaborated by Stephan from the Happy Green Cows, Bruce Hymers and Maria’s Pastry shop.
– the dog trainer Sadrina Valata and her star dog Leslie who came all the way from Athens especially for the event.
– a 15minutes video produced by the Greek Animal Welfare Fund, summarizing the issue.

We were hoping that more of the local population and the municipality were going to give leverage to the issue which burden is still carried almost exclusively by PAWS. Disappointingly only one vice-mayor honoured the event with its presence. The idea that came up for next year’s event is to hold it on the main square to make out of it a real popular and informative event.

Please find here the full list of all the contributions without which this achievement wouldn’t have been possible!

PAWS annual event '07

Friday, September 28th, 2007

The annual event for the support and the growth of animal welfare on Paros will take place this Sunday 30 September at 19:00 at Paros Agnanti Hotel in Krios, Parikia.

– a video summarizing in 15minutes the whole issue
– silent auction with most interesting services and products
– Finger Buffet and Wine
– Dog trainers demonstration
– Presentation of PAWS rehoming records

Tickets’ price: €15


Krios & Livadia send photos from Switzerland

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

0-krios-livadia.jpg 0-krios-livadia1.jpg  The pups who travelled last weekend send photos from their foster home in Switzerland. Krios, the black one, will move in with his new family tomorrow. Livadia is still looking for a home.