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Monday, July 28th, 2008

Gaynor, a dog owner, was cycling along in Kakapetra. She heard some noise from the garbage container. In a tied up plastic bag, she found 4 newborn puppies together with some leftover fish bones. What kind of ignorant barbarians would throw newborn puppies away in the garbage? And what barbarian would be so gross as to put the puppies in the same bag with leftovers from the dinner table? Were they supposed to feed on the leftovers before suffocating? Luckily, our cyclist had Barbaras phone number handy and called. Barbaras mother picked up the pups and animal lover Lydia from Athens, who spends the summer here, decided to give it a try and feed them with the bottle. Two of them have died already but the other two are still struggling to live.

Abandonned Rottweiler Lady

Monday, May 26th, 2008

rottilady1.jpg An old female Rottweiler was hanging out for 3 days near Hotel Yria, Parasporos. After being informed by an animal lover, Barbara picked her up. She is in bad shape and was probably abandonned after she showed symptoms of Kalazar….

Expensive boats but extremely poor dogs

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Does this look as a guard dog?On the way between Naoussa and Prodromos, in Asteras, the manager of the Kolimbithres dry dock, maintains a stockyard for yachts and sailing boats. Already the Kolimbithres dry dock has a bad record on animal welfare and many complaints have been received about the poor conditions in which are kept there 3 dogs.

But the situation with the dogs in the Asteras stockyard is even worst. It’s chocking to see in the middle of expensive boats 3 more underfed Dobermans.


Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Do the little creatures in the photograph look like garbage to you? Or should we consider the person who dumped them in a garbage bin as thrash? Luckily, a young woman who is a teacher at the local high school,  found the bag with the puppies in the bin. We hope that she will contribute to a better future by teaching the pupils more humane ways of treating animals.


Monday, March 10th, 2008

parking-cemetery.jpg Barbigs were called to the Parking near the Cemetery in Parikia last night, to collect an injured dog. They were shocked to find a sweet little female that had been hit by a car days earlier. Had nobody noticed anything, nobody seen her earlier, had somebody just left her near the Vet to have her euthanized? How can it be that nobody saw this dog and called earlier, when it could have been possible to save her with some luck?? Her wounds looked horrible, maggots crawling out. It was not possible to do anything for her at this stage and the poor thing died this morning.

Shame on you!!

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

0-new-14012008-14-58-57.jpg 0-new-14012008-14-58-38.jpg 0-new-14012008-14-59-56.jpg
Shame on you, who left the 6 young puppies in a Corn Bag at a deserted construction site near New Golden Beach!  One of the pups had not been able to get out of the bag and all the others were sitting practically on top of it. But then it was discovered and will of course be named Kalamboki. Corn- or Kalamboki-Bag, we might find you people who live in the neighbourhood and who own chicken and have a female dog with milk but no puppies..! What you do is not legal and it is not worthy of a civilized nation.
This time the pups were lucky and a couple from Switzerland went for an afternoon stroll and found them. And by chance, they got Barbaras number right away. The puppies are safe, have been fed and are in a dry place – after all, it is raining tonight!

Uncivilized Behaviour

Thursday, December 20th, 2007


I can only call this uncivilized behaviour. Some time yesterday morning (if not before…) someone must have tied this black female dog to this electricity pole, the same string used for the neck and the tying bit. The neck hairless, from the tight string or collar that she might have worn. Sagging teats from having pups recently or innumerable times. I saw her by coincidence (!!?) when I drove by in the late morning. The dog was afraid and therefore seemed aggressive. I could not find a solution for her immediately and she had to spend the night there, unfortunately. Today, PAWS committee member NS and his wife P were able to take her in for one day. At the moment she is staying with CB, but she is looking for a place where she can spend the rest of the winter.

5 puppies deposited at the Vet’s office

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

0-pups-new.jpg Tuesday morning BarBigs were called to pick up 5 little puppies that had been left in a carton at the back entrance of the Vet’s office. He found them when he opened in the morning. Being a responsible pet owner means to castrate a female in order to prevent her from havin g puppies.

Alfy was thrown in the rubbish bin

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Alfy, a small puppy of about 3 weeks, was abandoned next to the garbage bin near Agios Arsenios. He was found and rescued by Barbara. He is now well and alive and spends a lot of time with the other puppies and some small kittens, that have been left near garbage bins as well. What could be done to stop this horrific custom?

Alfy was thrown in the rubbish bin Alfy shares his bed with a little kitten (big) Alfy is a bit more than a kilo and a half!