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Thursday, July 24th, 2008

One April evening in 2007 Barbara heard some strange barking outside. She went to check and then came back to Biggie, saying: ‘there is a dog tied to the electricty pole, it must be a BOXER!’ – that evenig Grinch joined us. She was not well, her skin looked horrible and so did her eyes. It was said that she had Leishmania, and for that reason her owner brought her here. It proved to be a bad case of Demodex and it took us long to get her well. Tests for Leishmania proved her to be negative. After 15 months, Grinch finally got a chance. We will keep you posted about her future in Germany….



Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

luckypup-14032008-18-09-36.jpg Do you remember Luckypup, the little newborn puppy that was found in the same bin (in the riverbed close to the supermarket of Chariklia) as the puppies below??? Here she is, living in Germany, looking soooo different. But still, when Biggie met her, she immediately regognized her foster mother and responded to her voice. Lucky was gambling a second time for life and death in Germany, after she was hit by a car, but again she made it. We wish you good luck for a long and happy life, little Luckypup!

Pounta-Kampos Update

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

0-amica.jpg The people who had been feeding this beautiful dog every day since November had not been able to find a home for her and had finally made up their minds to adopt her themselves. When she disappeared from her spot, they were shocked – and fortunately told the vet about their loss, who informed us. Now they are happy to have found her again and she went to her home yesterday. But isn’t it a shame that this poor creature had to wait over 2 long cold months in this lonely place in the middle of nowhere!


Friday, January 25th, 2008


Alle Welpen durften/dürfen nach München fliegen und werden dort von ihren Familien bzw. Pflegestellen erwartet!

Von links oben nach rechts unten:
Tito (m), Churchill (m), Indira (w)
Hilary, Diana, Imelda (alle w)
Trulla (w), Hobbit (m)

Skin & Bones from Aliki, Part III

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Miga is a very lucky dog, after all! In only 3 weeks’ time she managed to be half dead, rescued and to find a home with a loving family. Well done, Miga!

Found in Paroikia

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

0-scirocco1.jpg 0-scirocco.jpg This little dog was found in Paroikia yesterday, without a collar, seemingly lost. Who knows something about this dog?
The owners of the 12year old female were found and are very happy to have her back!

Dogs lost and found

Friday, October 26th, 2007

0-bella-01102007-11-20-42.jpg 0-bella-02102007-13-51-27.jpg  0-chica-30012005-00-42-33.jpg In October, several dogs were lost, picked up and collected afterwards by their reliefed owners. One of them was Bella-Roberta: picked up in Paroikia by Blondie and Tom V. and the other one Chica-Linda, who was taken in at BarBigs. Bella-Roberta is shown with foster-parents Blondie and Tom who had grown very fond of her and in the second picture with her owner from Athens. Chica-Linda can be seen with her owner from Paros who had been afraid that she had been killed. We are glad that the dogs are back with their loving owners!


Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

tira-3.JPG tira-5.jpg Name: Tira Geschlecht: w
Geboren: 05.2007  Schulterhöhe: voraussichtlich ca. 50 cm
Beschreibung: eine liebe und hübsche Hündin, die sich bei einer Pflegefamilie in der Nähe von Düsseldorf befindet und hoffentlich bald ein Zuhause findet.

Mail:   Tel: +30 22840 91 581


Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

 0-morty-28062007-13-01-17.jpg 0-morty-28062007-13-03-10.jpg Name: Morty Geschlecht / Gender: m, kastriert / castrated
Geschätztes Geburtsdatum / Estimated Date of Birth: 08.2005
Ungef. Grösse / approx. height: 55 cm
Bemerkungen: Ein lieber und attraktiver Hund, der aber sein Zuhause nicht mit Katzen oder anderen Rüden teilen möchte. Morty sucht schon lange ein Zuhause und freut sich sehr, wenn sich bald jemand für ihn entscheidet!

Morty ist in der Nähe von Frankfurt bei einer Pflegefamilie und hofft, dass er recht bald ein Zuhause für’s Leben finden kann.

Mail:   Tel: +30 22840 91 581


Monday, September 24th, 2007

grosenanderung-0-piperi-30082007-09-44-35.jpg 0-piperi-30082007-09-45-28.jpg 0-piperi-03092007-06-04-13.jpg  

Piperi hat ein Zuhause in der Schweiz gefunden!
Name: Piperi Geschlecht / Gender: w, kastriert/f, neutered
Geschätztes Geburtsdatum / Estimated Date of Birth: 01.2007 Ungef. Grösse / approx. height: 55cm
Beschreibung / Description: freundliche, verspielte und sehr anhängliche Hündin, verträgt sich gut mit Artgenossen, Katzen kein Problem. Piperi ist sehr sportlich, gehorsam und sollte gefordert werden.
Mail:   Tel: +30 22840 91 581